Scientific exchange – High school Ste Marie des Champs (May 2019) – in relation with durable agriculture

On Friday 17th May 2019, a debate around durable agriculture was organised with 28 students (Première scientifique) from High school Ste Marie des Champs (May 2019). Exchange was organised around two moments:
• Firstly, an introductive game around a central question “What do you think about Biopesticides ?” was realised.
All participants were engaged to play a role (scientist, consumer, farmer, industrial, and policy-maker – identified by coloured post-it) and to express their position (Poor / negative, Average, Positive / Excellent) considering 4 topics (Health & Environment, Price & Profitability, Efficiency, Political & Social Readiness).
All these information are synthesised on a specific board and used during exchange with audience.
• Secondly, students have worked on subjects related to durable agriculture (ex. intensive agriculture, human feeding and ecosystem, agro forestry,…). Flash presentations (5-10 minutes) and exchange with jury were conducted.

Several events (RT1, RT3, ESOF, Highschool Ste Marie) have been driven around the questions “What do you think about Biopesticides ?”.

A synthesis of exchanges and arguments per role (farmer, consumer, policy maker, industry, scientist) has consequently be done. Exchanges were really fruitful to evaluate argument pro and contra biopesticide acceptation as a function of audience and played roles.

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