IDB2019 – International Days of Biotechnology in Sousse, Tunisia

18th to 22nd Dec. 2019

The 18th International Days of Biotechnology has taken place between 18th and 21th December 2019 at Palace El Kantaoui (Sousse, Tunisia). The IDB2019 (6 plenary conferences, 68 communications and 15 posters) brought together about 300 scientists. A special session dedicated to IPM-4- Citrus was programmed in the IDB general program. Four oral and three
poster presentations were presented during this session. All partners were represented (JKI, TBI, TWB, WIKI, BIYANS, MEDIS, CBS, IPT & CTA) or by Visio-conference (USJ, BIPCA). IPM-4-Citrus activities during IDB has included (i) administrative and scientific progress of the project and (ii) dissemination and outreach activities (presentations, posters).

Dissemination and outreach activities (presentations, posters).

Oral communications:

  • Sara FALVO Visio conference: Exploitation of scientific results in the biotech field: the crucial role of intellectual property rights
  • Jihane SAAD: Mass balance and cells, spores and -endotoxin distributions during Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki bioproduction with wheat bran based medi
  • Nouha ABDELMALEK/Johanna Abboud: Monitoring of Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki (Btk) growth, sporulation and -endotoxin production: insight of on-line alternative measurements with semi-synthetic and industrial media
  • Tayssir HAMMAR/Stephanie EL KHAWAND: Development of Biopesticide Formulations for New Strains of Bacillus thuringiensis Spores and Crystals to control citrus pests biocontrol activity / Exchange about biopesticides efficiency and innocuity (aroud the 3 IPM-4-Citrus posters)



  • Hazar KRAIEM: Environmental toxicity assessment of NEW Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki based biopests on non-target organisms using ISO Standards and OECD Guidelines
  • Zakaria BENLASFAR: Strategy for biosafety assessment of new strain-based biopests using laboratory animal toxicity models.
  • Jerome CUBERO: Project IPM-4-Citrus at a glance

Download all presentations and posters on Ressources Section

Administrative and scientific progress of IPM-4-Citrus:

On Tuesday 17th December 2019, a preliminary working meeting focussing on WP3 was organised at IPT with partners IPT, JKI, and TBI. On Thursday 19th December 2019, a consortium discussion and brainstorming were realised about IPM-4-Health. Different EC calls were identified during PM2 (Darmstadt, Germany), consortium has analysed the frame and objectives of a new project including potential additional partners. On Friday 20th December 2019, a consortium meeting (20 persons) was organized to discuss about project activities and progress.

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