11 partners from 6 countries

List of IPM-4-Citrus members

CBS —   ROUIS Souad (Tunisie)
JKI — STEPHAN Dietrich (Germany)
BBU — Mme. YURTKURAN Zeynep (Turquie)
BioIndustryPark  —  CONICELLA Fabrizio (Italy)
WikiStartUp  — KHANFIR Mondher  (Tunisie)
CTA — ABDELFATEH Saïd (Tunisie)
IPT — BOUHAOUALA-ZAHAR Balkiss (Tunisie)
INRA/TWB — GALY Olivier (France)
Lab Medis Mme BEN SAID Nadia  (Tunisie)


IPM-4-CITRUS Partner Type Main Skills & Knowledge Loc.
INSAT Acad. Optimisation of bioprocesses FR From the lab…
TWB Acad. Optimisation of bioprocesses in closed lab environment FR
CBS Acad. Bt kurstaki fermentation and sporulation TUN
FS-USJ Acad. Bt isolation and biochemical / molecular characterisation LEB
JKI Acad. Biological control of insect pests via production, formulation & application of antagonistic micro-organisms GER
MEDIS SME Pharmaceutical industry, drug formulation, green biotech TUN
BBU SME Laboratory, training, field assays TK to the field…
CTA Tech. center Biological pest control, field trials TUN
IPT Acad. Impact assessment TUN
WSU Bus. Incub. Business creation, entrepreneurship and innovation TUN up to market
BIPCA Techno. Park Business incubation, technology transfer, innovation management, strategic advice and training IT

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