ESOF Toulouse, conference Session Biopesticides , July 2018

ESOF (EuroScience Open Forum), Toulouse, July 2018 Conference Open innovation for biopesticides: a new paradigm**   Place : Pierre Baudis International Congress Centre, Toulouse – France Although traditional innovation used to be a vertical process within companies, a new open innovation paradigm has emerged with a triple-helix model involving interactions between … Continue reading

Training TP2

INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY, FERMENTATION AND SCALE-UP – CELL CULTIVATION IN BIOREACTORS (M14 AND M17) Training TP2 is dedicated to “Industrial microbiology, fermentation and scale-up” associated with a Demo Day on “Scale up (from Erlenmeyer to bioreactor) and product recovery”, the consortium has acted to realised it at CBS (at valorisation unit, … Continue reading

Training TP1

(20th April 2018, CBS, Sfax): “Biocatalyst improvement & bioreactor cultivation: from basic concept up to intensified bioproduction” PM1 was associated with 2 satellites events (TP1 and RT1), Training TP1 is briefly described hereafter. Secondments have been planned in relation to each partner’s skills and expertise and the most relevant meeting … Continue reading

Roundtable RT1

PM1 was associated with 2 satellites events (TP1 and RT1), Round Table RT1 is briefly described hereafter. RT1 was initially scheduled at FS-USJ in M6. Due to delay in the project, this RT was realised at CBS in association with PM1 (M12). A world café is an innovative method of … Continue reading

Progress meeting #1 Sfax, April 2018

IPM-4-Citrus PM1 meeting took place on 19th and 20th April 2018 at CBS (Sfax, Tunisia) in pleasant and open exchange atmosphere. All consortium partners (23 persons) were present in addition to staff members associated to communication & dissemination, financial and administrative management. Exchanges and questions have been related as well … Continue reading

Kick of Meeting – 27-28 April 2017

During Kick – Off Meeting (KOM) the following key points will be presented and discussed: To gather consortium members and discuss details on project implementation To have a common understanding of the RISE rules, across the consortium To identify researchers to be seconded and agree on the secondment plan To … Continue reading