Progress meeting #1 Sfax, April 2018

IPM-4-Citrus PM1 meeting took place on 19th and 20th April 2018 at CBS (Sfax, Tunisia) in pleasant and open exchange atmosphere. All consortium partners (23 persons) were present in addition to staff members associated to communication & dissemination, financial and administrative management. Exchanges and questions have been related as well as reminder to (i) RISE operating mode, (ii) the discovery of EU Portal, IPM-4-Citrus workspace and Website, (iii) modification related to GA amendment and (iv) scientific & technical progress.

Scientific and technical aspects (WP2 and WP4) associated with secondments (Internal reports, IR) :

  • Bibliographic review related to Bt kurstaki (focus on BLB1 et LIP)
  • Sharing information of Materials & Methods (between CBS, USJ, LISBP, TWB)
  • Comparison of strains and industrial mediums (lab scale)
  • Initiate the technical-economical analyses

Scientific presentations:

  • Wafa JALLOULI IR2.1 (Bibliography), è Associated to Endnote base and literature review, PU)
  • Nouha  ABDELMALEK IR2.1 (Mat&Meth)
  • Fatma DRISS, Ilem HSARI IR2.2 (WB, BLB1 and LIP)
  • Nouha ABDELMALEK R2.2 (WB, BLB1 and LIP)

IR2.1 and 2.2 will be consolidated into D2.1 (PU) after PM1 discussion

  • Sara FALVO & Bernadetta MARESCA IR4.1 consolidated into D4.1

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