Training TP2

INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY, FERMENTATION AND SCALE-UP – CELL CULTIVATION IN BIOREACTORS (M14 AND M17) Training TP2 is dedicated to “Industrial microbiology, fermentation and scale-up” associated with a Demo Day on “Scale up (from Erlenmeyer to bioreactor) and product recovery”, the consortium has acted to realised it at CBS (at valorisation unit, … Continue reading

Training TP1

(20th April 2018, CBS, Sfax): “Biocatalyst improvement & bioreactor cultivation: from basic concept up to intensified bioproduction” PM1 was associated with 2 satellites events (TP1 and RT1), Training TP1 is briefly described hereafter. Secondments have been planned in relation to each partner’s skills and expertise and the most relevant meeting … Continue reading