IPM-4-CITRUS @ International Days of Biotechnology in Sousse, Tunisia – 18th to 22nd Dec. 2019

Next December will be another opportunity for the IPM-4-CITRUS project and consortium to communicate about the results and leads of the project while participating in the International Days of Biotechnology, organised by the Tunisain Biotechnology Association (A.T. Biotech) in Sousse… https://www.atbiotech.org/eng/home This event will fous on the following main scientific … Continue reading

Scientific exchange – High school Ste Marie des Champs (May 2019) – in relation with durable agriculture

On Friday 17th May 2019, a debate around durable agriculture was organised with 28 students (Première scientifique) from High school Ste Marie des Champs (May 2019). Exchange was organised around two moments: • Firstly, an introductive game around a central question “What do you think about Biopesticides ?” was realised. … Continue reading