IPM-4-CITRUS @ International Days of Biotechnology in Sousse, Tunisia – 18th to 22nd Dec. 2019

Next December will be another opportunity for the IPM-4-CITRUS project and consortium to communicate about the results and leads of the project while participating in the International Days of Biotechnology, organised by the Tunisain Biotechnology Association (A.T. Biotech) in Sousse… https://www.atbiotech.org/eng/home

This event will fous on the following main scientific themes:

  • Industrial Biotechnology : Enzymes, microorganisms, metagenomics and bioprocesses.
  • Environmantal Biotechnology : Waste treatment and recovery, bioremediation, bioenergy and phytoremediation.
  • Plant Biotechnology : Genetic diversity, environmental constraints and plant improvement, and plant-microorganism interaction.
  • Health Biotechnologie  : Vaccines and diagnostics.
  • Bioactive Molécules and applications.

A dedicated 2h30-slot on 19th December (morning) will be for IPM-4-CITRUS the opportunity to let its young researchers and seconded staff shine through their presentations!

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