Training TP2


Training TP2 is dedicated to “Industrial microbiology, fermentation and scale-up” associated with a Demo Day on “Scale up (from Erlenmeyer to bioreactor) and product recovery”, the consortium has acted to realised it at CBS (at valorisation unit, Sfax, Tunisia) instead of LISBP (Toulouse, France). By this way, it will be easier to train engineers from CBS and MEDIS in association with 2 secondments (FILLAUDEAU Luc and ACEVES-LARA César).

TP2 was extended to 2 weeks:

• Week WK26: cell culture in bioreactor (with FILLAUDEAU Luc)

• Week WK43: data treatments and bio-kinetics modelling (with ACEVES-LARA César)

Scientific and technical objectives are:

  • Basic knowledge related with bioprocess engineering (biokinetics, 6toichiometry, cell culture in bioreactor, operating modes, transfer limitation,…)
  • Cell cultures in bioreactor (TP1) including: (i) experimental environment (bioreactor, analytical methods,…), (ii) data acquisition and treatment.
  • Data treatment and interpretation (global and instantaneous balances, mass, elementary and redox balances, kinetics analysis, gas transfer,…).

8 persons have been registered (effective participants limited to 6) in this training T2:

• From MEDIS : Tayssir HAMMAR (IR)

• From valorisation unit (CBS) : Adel ZITOUN, Faicel BOUKHILI, Najoua AYADI

• From Biopesticide team (CBS): Fati HELTELLY, Wafa JALLOULI, 

• From ENIS : Zeinep BAKLOUTI (student ENIS4)

During the 1st week, the experimental activity with 2 bioreactors (3 and 7L) was conducted with a model microorganism (E. coli in batch mode) and with Bt (Tunisian strain BLB1 in batch / fed-bath mode). Experiments have been conducted with minimal mineral (E.coli) or semi-synthetic medium (Bt BLB1). Several aspects have been validated such as the synthetic medium with Bt BLB1 as well its concentrated formulation.


o To inventory all information collected during cell culture in bioreactor

o To illustrate key points (Bioreactors: preparation and cell culture, biochemical analytical capacity and Analytical capacity, data monitoring and overview of experimental notes.)

o To give a global overview of cell culture: (i) evolution of physico-chemical parameters and (ii) evolution of biotics data.


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