Kick of Meeting – 27-28 April 2017

During Kick – Off Meeting (KOM) the following key points will be presented and discussed:

  • To gather consortium members and discuss details on project implementation
  • To have a common understanding of the RISE rules, across the consortium
  • To identify researchers to be seconded and agree on the secondment plan
  • To discuss financial arrangements within the consortium and other relevant aspects of the partnership agreement (IPR, Open Access, etc.)
  • To discuss potential risks and mitigating measures
  • To identify/discuss minor changes since the submission of the proposal.

1 Day: Thursday April 27 th ,2017

11h00 : welcome
12h00 : lunch
13h30 : Kick-of meeting (1st part)

  • Introduction – Project Coordinator (5 – 10’) : Overview of IPM structuration of IPM – 4 – Citrus
  • Round table and presentation of participants :
    – Representatives names and functions
    – Lab and Industry activities
  • Common understanding and rules in RISE – summary of project officer/Project Coordinator. Tip & Tricks with participant Portal (presentation and use of participant portal during project) – Key information issued from RISE Coordination’s day (2/03/2017)
    • Mandatory actions (not flexible): mobility eligibility, element to attest the mobil ity,…
    • Secondments reflushing (project flexibility).
  • Presentations and discussions on each WP, including risks and mitigation plan – each WP leader will introduce the aims and actions in WP
    • WP1: Management and Coordination ( WP Leaders: INSAT – LISBP and CBS ) : presentation of administrative cell ; validation of funding rules,
    • WP2: Proof of concept ( WP leader: CBS )
    • WP3 : Optimisation of the new biocontrol activity ( WP leader: JKI )
    • WP4 : Economic maturation ( WP leader : BIPCA )
    • WP5: Communication, Networking and Outreach Activities and WP6: Dissemination & Exploitation (WP leader: INSAT-LISBP) : Presentation of Workspace (INSAT), Presentation of Website (INSAT).
      • Operational information about Scientific and technical actions :
      • Detailed description of Gantt [T0, T0+48months]
      • Secondments and Gantt par WP (secondments, task and sub – task)
      • Tables of IR and D, IM and MS
      • Focus on [T0, T0+18months] : Who are the partners involved? – Who are secondments ?  Who are the partner reporting?
    • Consortium agreement (CA).
      • Presentation of key – points: Administrative, financial matters, IPR, communication strategy, etc.
      • Listing/Identification of /locks/propositions/ elements to be discussed by consortium (2 nd day)

20h00: Diner in Toulouse city

2 nd Day: Friday April 28 th ,2017

9H00: Kick – off meeting (2 nd part)

  • Consortium agreement (CA)
  • Internal discussion of management, administrative and financial cells. (1 st group) (Restricted to: INSA and CBS administration, Project leaders.)
  • Toulouse’s Lab to ur (LISBP, TWB) (2 nd group)
  • Conclusions

13h00: Lunch

15h00: departure to airport (or additional lab tour)

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